Monday, October 26, 2015

Wing Gallery at the MVC Museum of Agriculture

Have you ever visited the Museum of Ventura County Agriculture Museum in Santa Paula? Well, we have, and found it absolutely fascinating! Here is how our story begins...

Sunkist Growers has been our client for over thirty years. They recently moved their headquarters from Sherman Oaks where they have been since 1970. Their new location is in Valencia and they had us frame about 70 iconic box-end citric labels for their offices. Among the work needing to be framed were two mural paintings created by Frank Bowers and Arthur Prunier in 1935 - eighty years ago. (See our blog post of September 5, 2015 for information about the installation).

Please join us on our pictorial journey of this wonderful Agriculture Museum, and of course, see these amazing framed murals in their new home.

Re-visiting the Agriculture Museum

 Steam Engine
Good Year Tires

For Walnuts
Blacksmith Shop
John Deere 

John Deere

All About Tractors
The Grand Scale

It's A Ford

Display on Bees
The only way to get them in!  
The Grand Result!

Always stop at The Visitor Center

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