Friday, April 10, 2015

Summer Vineyard
by June Carey

The magic of California’s wine country is rooted in the rich soil, temperate climate and proximity to the great Pacific Ocean. Mix in the devoted viniculturalists that make Northern California their home and the recipe for great wine is complete.
June Carey portrays this harmony between people and the land like no other artist. A nurtured landscape can flourish and be as striking as a natural one. In "Summer Vineyard," the artist combines them with passion and flair. One can feel the rich, warm summer breeze that flows across this lush landscape that is part God given, and part man made.

Sizing & Pricing
Greenwich Workshop
Fine Art Giclée Canvas:
 Limited to 50 s/n. 24"w x 14"h.



Thursday, April 9, 2015


Whiskey Before Breakfast
by Michael Blessing Lord protect us, Saints preserve us, We been drinkin’ Whiskey ‘fore breakfast
Coins weren’t actually minted near The Mint Bar, but many were in play during the heyday of gambling in the rear of the bar, in downtown Sheridan.  Cowboys and girls had been known to duck under the front door on horseback. Teddy Roosevelt wrote of the “mad antics” he witnessed at the Mint.  Certainly, the chords and lyrics of the iconic fiddle tune have been played time and again in this classic Western destination.

Sizing & Pricing
Greenwich Workshop
Fine Art Giclée Canvas:

Limited to 75 s/n.
27"w x 18"h. $295 

Greenwich Workshop
Fine Art Giclée Canvas:

Limited to 25 s/n.
40"w x 26"

Sunday, April 5, 2015

"Schwinn Bricks"

“I love the look of a cruiser bike,” say Todd Van Fleet. “It’s a timeless form; a model of usefulness and simplicity. A bicycle is freedom, innovation, ingenuity, simplicity and the wind-in-your-face feeling like a young kid again. I try to capture the personalities of each and every bicycle that I find by incorporating them into different landscapes. Snapping the shutter is the easy part, finding the bikes, that's where there the real adventure begins”

Schwinn Bricks by Todd Van Fleet Giclee on Canvas - Open Edition
Image size: 40"w x 60"h.